Friday, April 10, 2009

Yay for fat burning!

I hit the gym and set up my personal trainer... then I went and walked 3.2 miles and worked up a nice sweat, then I showered at the gym. I forgot to bring along clothing so i had to abort the shopping I was planning and went home and sat down.... I should have been cleaning.... oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Then I can have help!

I watched two movies and C came home and then I went to get my girl and she had a blast running around the McD's play place. We went to target and then home, so I had some walking and shopping done. Had the mcdouble which is 440 calories and shared MM's fries. not so great... WTF gets me 1150mg of sodium? I should have had the hamburger. straight up. next time. it looked like salads were off the menu otherwise I would have gotten one of those with grilled chicken.

I am getting tired of chicken. I feel like I eat it every day and there are not many alternatives.

I spoke with this lady while our kids were in the play place and she had a 1.5 year old. The toddler started pulling on her shirt... I knew what that meant, and she very discreetly nursed her while we talked. I have no problem at all with this. But it was interesting. She was originally from Russia, and I think the taboo that gets people all worked up (boobies! OMG!) is not seen in other countries that it is here in the US. People are so weird here. Like me. I will talk about that but I will not publish the results of a purity test I took on my blog.... why? 'cause I thought it was interesting, but I had my reasons... (Hi, Mom!)

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  1. HI MOM!!! I think your daughter's a prude and you could handle the results of her purity test?
    Am I wrong?

    Anyway, REALLY? I don't need to see breastfeeding out in public. NO really, I don't.

    why? cause their boobies. that's why. And that involves no sharing and that's just not fair. women!!!