Friday, April 24, 2009


wooooo! Yesterday I was doing really well and then I ate 3 mini bags of MnMs right in a row. Ack. But I managed to contain myself and munched on baby cucumbers and carrots in the morning and then has a lovely quesadilla for lunch scarfing up the salsa and leaving most of the sour cream. The afternoon was more carrots and and cukes and trying like hell to avoid the candy bowl, which I avoided it for the most part then had the episode I mentioned. At this point I am just trying to avoid it. But how does one avoid the team lunch at Mexico? i ate breakfast already (bowl of good cereal) and I look forward to chippies and salsa, tacos and tamales. YUM

I should really be exercising now, but the upper body is still recovering and I am tired, despite a cup of coffee and cereal.... all I want is to go back to bed... yes... that is what I will do.

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  1. Since you are of the mindset to torture your body, consider this on days you don't want to exercise:
    1. You can do stretching exercises
    2. You can do butt-crunches while blogging
    3. You can to breathing exercises to calm yourself
    4. or, you can have more fudge and then complain about your thighs.