Sunday, October 25, 2009

reformation day!

I get to give my temple talk today and I am ready.... I think. I just need to make sure that MM is not there, so she will not disturb. Daddy will remove her to junior church. Yay.

I am teaching Sunday School, and I am looking for my rythym. I have not found it yet.

Shower, breakfast and get rolling. I wonder what I can check off on my list today.

I was considering going to the Highland Games with MM but we will not have enough time. It is sad, but I think I will just take her to a local park. Much, much cheaper.

Happy Reformation Day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random thoughts for temple talk

The church has a firm foundation. Many years ago, a group of people decided there needed to be a church. They gave their time and committed money to make that happen. The church grew and the challenge of making the building grow with the church was needed and it again happened. The need for a second pastor was clear and again, the people of this congregation acted and we found a second pastor and made this happen. When we set our minds to it, this congregation can do anything.

As a member of the ELCA, we give to the ELCA in the form of benevolence to the Virginia synod. Benevolence means that the Synod sponsored events take place. We give so that events like Lost and Found can happen for the youth. What we give is received back multifold. We work together with other churches in this community. When we hold events like the Fall Festival and have Trunk or Treat and we see that the community benefits, our ministry resounds and echos in the Lakeside area. What we give is received back multifold.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have been not blogging, again, still slogging around on facenook, realizing it is a time waster and yet still not giving it up. I will eventually.

I just found out I have way too much vacation time to take and I wish that I could fly with MM anywhere, but that taskes time and money. So I will take some time off and try to do some fun things.

This morning I hear my husband talking to my daughter and it is a beautiful sound. NPR is in the background, but it is pledge time.

I miss writing. I will have to do it more.