Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday morning

I am up early creating evil food that has no business going in my mouth. Amish monkey bread. It is my grandmothers recipe and I did one change. Well, two. I forgot to add salt. I also used some whole wheat flour as well. So, right now it is rising, well, hopefully it is rising. Now it will be up to me to get it moving. I was supposed to shower while it was rising but I didn't want to wake everyone. It is just getting light and the sun is about to rise in a half an hour. I awoke at about 5 wel, 4:54 and I slept much better than the night before, thank you exercise. My ankle still hurts this morning, but not overtly. Just a shin splint of sorts leading to that ankle. That's what I get for trying to jog 243 pounds. Yep that's right, folks, 243. I hit the 250 number when I was prego with MM but I am on a mission to get to 220 so another pregnancy won't kill my knees. That is why I started this little blog, to help me and motivate me.

My mother has always said to eat less and exercise more, so I will eat less whenever possible. I did have a piece of chocolate because well... yeah, it's chocolate. I gave up fast food and try to eat well whenever possible. Everyone has their pleasures. Mine is baking.... and eating.

so to combat the eating I need to exercise well. I joined a gym that has a yellow hue like it is made of coins. I have a Wii fit. I want to use it more, but it is diffucult when there is a two year old who wants to do it too. *sigh*

Time to check on the bread, get it rolling, literally. I am so pleased to be able to use my grandmother's recipe and I do hope it turn out ok.I will report back, and maybe even post a picture.

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  1. Turtle and the Hare - Who won?

    Eat modestly and Exercise 20 minutes a day to raise your heart beat. (to start)