Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back from Mommyland

For the last two weeks I have been a human milk machine and keeping a young one alive from the outside of my body rather than the inside.

Em was born on June 6th because I actually wanted my doc to do it and she was fantastic. I was smart about it as well. I asked to be induced on a Sunday while she was on duty, it was quiet and she was there almost the entire time, unheard of in L&D. I got my epidural. My doctor said I made it look to easy. 3 very big pushes and she was out! The pressure was not fun, but it was fine. It got me where I needed to be. My 17 year old niece was there and got to cut the cord.

Now, two weeks later, I am back below my pre-pregnancy weight. I was retaining a LOT of water. My feet look halfway normal. Now the quest will begin to find a way to exercise with a 2 week old. Not sure how we will do that, but we'll try.

Coffee is brewing and I have the new Evanovich novel to finish and get back to the library. MM is home today due to a sick babysitter. This day should be interesting. I told MM we are going to Target and she wanted to get dressed immediately. First time for everything.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Due date... and no Emily. Rats.

I was hoping, but no, instead... we get to induce on Sunday morning.

Now I get to go to bed and think about the other stuff tomorrow.

But part of me wishes it were over and that I could get on with the next phase. I am anxious to meet my next girl.

But mostly I am tired. And my feet are large and they hurt from edema.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still here

But oh, am I feeling it today and my brain still has some power left, but my body does not. I ended up waking at 3 in the morning to comfort MM and now I am dragging. I ended up going back to sleep at 5:30 after working for about 2 hours on stuff for work. Em was up at 3:30 and just bouncing in my stomach. It was a concern... but then I have a tendency to push to the extremes of thought and think... what if ... like what if my water broke and I didn't know it? Would I continually leak? What if it happened while I was in the pool and didn't know? What if she is having trouble and the 3 or 4 minutes of continuous constant movement was a sign of trouble? That's enough to keep anyone anxious and awake.

Perhaps I am being overly dramatic. I hate drama.

So after a really slow start this morning, I am working on work items this morning and getting ready to clean off my desk. I am getting that feeling that I am close and once this starts, it will go a heck of a lot quicker than before. i do not remember my hips feeling like this prior. All i want to do now is make this happen for Emily so my body can start bouncing back. She and I will get through this together and make it happen.