Sunday, April 17, 2011

How's that change working out?

Yeah, not so much... well blogging wise. I haven't posted since January. Looked down at my belly and the roll of skin and fat that hangs over the edge and I thought, I hope people do not think I am with child again, because that is sure as heck how it looks! I did the monument ave 10K with no training whatsoever and was positive I would keel over. But in fact I did the walk in about 2 hours which wasn't bad. Solid 20 minute miles. Now, granted, most people can walk faster than I can. I don't care. Year 4. Coming up on 5 years with the race for the cure and I am excited. Looking forward to that as well. Wish I could run. I still need to learn how. Job sucked for awhile. Now it doesn't. I have to do better and keep my eyes open for what it is I am really looking to do. I do NOT want to be in the same place after 20 years. UGH. But the challenge of what I do right now is enough for me and that is fine. This does not mean I am looking for a job. On the contrary, I am looking for my passion. Happy that the taxes are done, mind is swirling. I am cold and I should really go to bed. I think I will take my own advice. Until next time.