Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fit bit fit

So for my 42nd birthday I have purchased for myself a fit bit. I was extremely jealous of my husbands that he has been wearing and his continual loss of weight. He looks good, and I want to as well. So I took some of my birthday money and I bought it at Costco.

It took me two weeks to get above 10000 steps in a day. Mainly because I was doing my first and second shift and the way I relax is to play candy crush. I play it often, especially when a level is within reach. Or figuring out what needs to be done and getting enough chances to implement a strategy. It is mental self-gratification and justifies wasting time... reminds me of playing Farmville when my garden went to weeds that year.

Do I work at two jobs? Yes, one is full time and so is the other. I am a working mother, but then that is a bit of a redundancy, isn't it? Arlie Hothschild wrote an article about the second shift an it has been stuck in my brain since graduate school, thank you Dr. Paul Colomy.

So I wear the darn thing on my arm and I am disgusted how long it takes to get to 10K and how little I move around at work. My day normally consists of between 2-5K steps. Only when I make the effort to exercise at lunch, or have to walk to pick up my car from the mechanic across the street from work do I have anywhere near close to a 8K. And then it requires another session after work to get the damn thing to buzz on my arm.

It is discouraging when I look at it and I see the little readout stuck at 2 or 3 dots. I KNOW this will help me, but nothing works unless I do. My husband wakes up and will walk until the damn thing buzzes and then go home. While he does his stuff in the am, I am thinking, I want to do that... I keep wondering how how how am I going to fit this into my day? Someone has to be at home with the kids...

We have a 100 mile fitness challenge at work and I have been a member I think this is my 3rd year and I have never once reached the 100 miles. I really want to do it. Since I have started wearing this fit bit, I have logged my miles from active exercise to my fit bit and I am determined this year to reach the 100 miles. I am up to 10 miles now. I have until the end of September.

So how the heck am I going to do this? I have no idea. Meanwhile we are buying the hubs new shoes today and he just recorded a new badge for his fit bit. A million steps. I will get there too. One step at a time.