Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am glad that the race is over. I pushed it hard and came up with a best time yet of 50 minutes. Yes, I ran that long... on purpose. When I got to the end, at the finish line, my head was pounding along with my heart and I ended up almost being sick. I had to lay down when we got home and rest. I have a feeling my blood pressure was a little high. Too much salt the night before.... but it was tasty!

I wish I could run faster, but I will settle with what I am doing right now and keep trying to improve. I did the 10K in March in 1 hour and 50 minutes, and this one was only a 5k. I did manage to start with an 15 minute mile, which I think is a personal best. The second mile, my time was 33:00 on the clock, which means an 18 minute mile. I was very glad to see that I was on track.

We started up the hill and that was tough. On the way up, I could see the signs from far away. four foot by six foot signs. Pictures of aborted babies. I kept my eyes to the ground and kept going. I was very angry. There were about 6 or 7 of them, it seemed. The people were peaceful, they weren't yelling or doing anything, but I was appalled.

This land is about freedom and freedom of expression. In order to finish this race, I HAD to walk by? I could ruin my stats and leave the race. They had every right to do that, but if my 2.5 year old daughter saw that, how am I going to explain it? I don't want my daughter to see that. She does not need to see that. I wouldn't show her pictures of the mutilation and death of war, why would I show her that? When she is 2 or 4 or 10. As a parent I try to do the right things and keep those images away from her when it is horrific to see what clearly looks like a baby all bloody and disgusting. She is too young to understand what it means. Was it impinging on my rights to raise my daughter without that image and to be able to peaceably run my race? There was a sign that also mentioned that abortion and breast cancer are linked. I looked at these signs and I thought to myself, I will never never never give money to a group like that. I am not an in your face kind of person. But it just lacked taste and judgement. It was clearly a downer. I was glad to get up that hill.

I ended up running towards the end and I got my medal and some water and a banana. Then I blew it all by going to burger king and eating a whopper Jr (no mayo) and fries... rats. Now I would like to go take a nap, but my daughter will be getting up soon from hers. No rest for the tired cause certainly don't feel wicked.

Here's to beating breast cancer.

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