Sunday, May 3, 2009

A lesson learned

I went out on Friday night and drank my dinner with some friends. I paid for it... not as a friend of mine did at the restaurant. No, I went home and was very sick. My husband said he could smell the alcohol coming out of my pores. That, my friends, is having too much to drink. I was smart and had someone drive me home. But I did not truly make it up and out of bed until about 2 in the afternoon. That is a day wasted. What a drag. I finally ate something at about 6pm... does that mean I am sort for that days calories? What's that you say? Oh, yes well I guess I did overindulge a bit. I was ready to go to the gym yesterday and run and finish it off. I think I actually need some sauna time to finish the job... I think MM and I will hit the "play place" this afternoon. It seems wet and rainy, though I think it is supposed to be hot.

I do know one thing for sure. I will NOT be doing that again. It was to excess and I am trying to avoid that. I do not want excess. Moderation. I ate to excess and it got me where I am weight wise. I do not want to drink to excess because it really isn't any fun... sure it might be when you are there, but the afteraffects just SUCK. So that is enough of that for me. I will still have a drink or two... I will still help kill a bottle of wine... but anymore than that just isn't where I am trying to take my life. I am trying to be better about how I treat my body and the things and people around me. This really didn't help that cause. But now I know.

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