Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prop 8 thoughts

I like being married. It is nice. My partner is my husband. I could call him my partner, but I call him my husband. When you are married, you get a tax break. Grown men and women who are living together in an intentional community with each other, who share heartaches and headaches and live their lives and pay their taxes do not get the same benefits. They do NOT get the same tax breaks. It is taxation without representation. Imagine saying to people, hey you, over there. You can take the tax credit for owning a house. You people? You cannot.

It is not my position to speak on moral questions. I have no moral questions about marriage. I am confident in my marriage. God is the one who will sort it all out in the end. Adam and Eve, Adam and Steve. Does not matter to me. Does it provide a "slippery slope"? Did interracial marriage do that?

We spend way too much time on things that really do not matter in the vast scheme of things.
In a world of 6 billion people, does it really matter? You may think it is a moral outrage, but how does it affect other people, that two private citizens who are of age decide to make vow that they will spend their lives together and receive the same rights and responsibilities that other people have??

Marriage is putting on paper what you feel in your heart. It is coming before your family and friends and saying, I love this person and I want to spend time with them to the exclusion of all others. I want to grow with them, learn from them, and let us leave the world a better place because our relationship existed. Surely that is something that God, in God's infinite wisdom, would want. Whether it is done in a church, or in a town hall, or in Vegas, the intention is clear. Who am I to stand in the way of someone's pursuit of happiness? I do not. I will stand with those who believe in equality before the law (especially the tax law).

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