Sunday, May 23, 2010

What am I getting myself into...

I agreed to have my brother and his family over for dinner, which means I get to clean the house... with no help and a birthday party to attend. I would love to not go, but that is not an option. So we will go and I will make lists of all that has to be done, maybe can be done and might get done. At this point, I am hoping to clean off the table. Sad, isn't it?

I realized this morning that we have no birthday present to give so that is an added layer of stress.. that I have no idea what to serve for dinner, another layer, and I really really really do not have a lot of energy this morning. But I will find it somewhere.

last night, I fell asleep quickly woke up only 2-3 times to hit the bathroom. MM came in between 6 and 6:30 so now I am finishing up this blog, will drink my fabulous coffee, find the brown skirt, put the things next to the door that need to be taken to church and start on the note cards for people... along with the thank you cards for people who have given me presents. i have 2-3 more to do.

itch itch itch. finding eczema in other exciting places... maybe I will get my bath tonight and be able to put it to rest. I have a few spots on my face and back and AAAAACK

There is a river of ants on the floor where a piece of brownie dropped. C just called because the server move that they were supposed to be doing without him, involved him anyway... on his golf trip. He has had 3 hours of sleep and is supposed to be on the tee in an hour. That means he will be a barrel of fun later and no help whatsoever.

OK so time to scale back items for the day. itch itch itch. I think we will go with what is important.

I'll do my best to give an update later.

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