Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling showered; garden update

I had a baby shower today and I was so pleased. It was a lovely time and I was loaded down with diapers and onesies and felt truly showered with love.

Yesterday was a beautiful day as well. MM and I had her siblings class in the morning and then we drove up to Lavender Fields farm and got some herbs for the garden. I have been without sage and basil for a year now and I am determined to try to keep parsley alive. My rosemary is growing strong. I also got some thyme to make up for the stuff I killed last year while trying to transplant it. And I bought a mint plant and planted it in a large circle pot to keep it from growing crazy. The bee balm is looking good this year and the the two or three plants I transplanted from the circle garden are enjoying their new homes nicely. Especially the lavender!! it is really enjoying its new roots and has literally a hundred spikes for blossoms coming. I am very excited about that and it was the one I was really worried about. it had been in its spot for 3 or 4 years now.

I didn't get to the tansy in time so it will have to wait until after it flowers and I think that the other stuff will do fine once it gets moved. it is hard to battle the weeds that love their spot in the garden so I rarely try to fight them every year... usually I remember to mulch around the tomatoes and I have a barrel full of grass to mulch around the zucchini plants but I really am the absent minded gardener. The asparagus have all bolted... they did not do well this year. there was some kind of weirdness on them that I will have to look at to try to prevent next year. My uncle put down wood chips so perhaps I will try that rather than the leaves. might be too wet for them. They were kind of twisted with little black growths on the stalks that looked like they were sucking the plant of its moisture. hmm. I will have to do research.

So I looked over the plants I planted yesterday and gave them a bit more water today... the peas will be very short as I did not string them... might be easier to pick but less volume.

I sat outside and wrote about 50% of the thank you notes for my shower presents and will have to get those finished up tomorrow. MM played outside and generally was doing well, she had things to play with that made a difference and that would hold her attention. oh I forgot to check the caps on the dry erase markers. But if I go outside right now I would be swarmed by a zillion mosquitoes. No thanks.

It is almost 10 so I ought to prepare for Monday morning. I am hoping that I will be able to sleep better this evening. It has been uncomfortable for both of us...

As I am writing I am scratching something on my fingers. Look like I have some sort of rash. little bumps so it could be a poison ivy of some sort or another. i do not remember seeing any but then.. you never know. I will have to get some ointment on it.

Well this was a random post full of all the mushy musing of my pregnant brain. hmmm. One of these days I will post some pictures from my garden. I do have some very pretty flowers.

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