Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quick post

Sitting down cause I loaded the dishwasher and I had to after I finished. Em keeps moving and part of me is like, is that a contraction? So I sat and took a load off for 30 minutes. I am waiting for the bread to rise in the oven and I am trying to avoid making the cookies because I know MM wants to help. That mean I have to get all the ingredients ready for her. She said chocolate chip but I am thinking oatmeal raisin. One of hubby's favorites.

I made brownies this morning for tomorrow so i figure I can get the brownies and cookies on a platter for tonight and take it so I do not have to try to manage that tomorrow. Shortly I have to turn up the oven to 450, I was contemplating making rosemary cheese biscuits as well because i have had a yen for them, the oven will be up and it is another dish. Not sure if I have to bring anything tonight, so I guess I will make those so I can at least have something just in case. Somehow I am going to have to sneak a shower in as well... not sure how that is going to work, but I will wear my cotton dress with its sweater and that should be fine. Tomorrow I have to wear the brown skirt, so I guess I will locate that tonight.

Got part of MM;s room done, again, I took a rest this morning due to the fact that I was up early. It will be done... just not as quickly as I want.

OK, time to get moving on the other pieces... oh and I drank a liter of water. need to get another in. :)

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