Tuesday, May 25, 2010


much better this morning... I did end up taking some benadryl, which made for no itching until 3 in the morning when , the itching returned. Little spots of it... itch itch itch. arm, thigh, back... but it seems to be getting better. I worried about perhaps a unknown disease or something silly like that... then I decided that being overly dramatic really wasn't my style. I did my research and checked on line...

I made a list of things to finish at work today. There were 4 jobs I left in my queue from yesterday.... Yeah.. I left the 40 page powerpoint for this morning. I figured I did not have the brian power last night, but this morning is a different story.

I have a good cup of coffee and I have to get my breakfast on, but I am doing well otherwise. MM looks very cute in her new dress.
That's all for now.


  1. You sure you have the brain power this morning, Jen? Or the brian power.... ♥

  2. HA Ha! I did not catch that... guess I didn't have any brain power (or brian power) this morning either... lol