Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have discovered that games are beginning to bore me... well they have for some time now. I guess I go through cycles, but I sat there in front of the screen playing a game and I thought... this is pointless. There is no end to it, really, you could go on playing... what are you avoiding? And i looked at the mess on the table, the pile of presents int he corner and the dishes in the sink... the answers are there to what we are avoiding if we choose to look at them. If we choose.

What good choices should we make? I heard my brother use that line with his children. Make a good choice. I have not tried that with my child. I tell her it is wrong or right. She's 3. later on I will ask her... or I ask her now what should she do next? i am trying to model the spirit of thinking things through. I give her a run down of the events of the day, of what will happen at night, so it is not a surprise. If something different needs to happen, I will tell her that too. Things do change and she needs to know that. So we talk about it so she is aware.

I guess as I think about it I think about the choices of what we do and the choices we make and should we continue to do the things that bore us? why continue to play a game that has no meaning? Should I be reading instead? What should I read? I feel like I haven't picked up a book in ages and I should be reading but i start to read and it bores me. Plot lines, dramas of any kind do not hold my interest.

I do go through this every couple of years... some might call it depression. But I actually think I am coming out of depression. I think i am finally seeing the sun and realizing there is more to life than the computer, facebook and games. Things in my house need to be done in the coming of this tiny new being. Not exactly prepare the royal highway, but that comes to mind. that is what needs to be done... the new way.

I will have to think on this a little more. And my life will be taken up with a preparing. Just like my hips are spreading... I have to prepare for the new. Change is coming. I need to be ready to adapt and spring forth and make something happen. I will embrace the change. Wear it like a light gauze coat that move with the breezes and point me in the direction I need to go.

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