Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am working on trying to get things organized here in the house for the inevitable birth of Miss Emily. Someone made me a diaper cake madeout of rolled up diapers and there are a lot of them, it seems. So I had to break that down and get those in a container to make me not go crazy. Today I will be working on other items as well. I am going to clean MM's room while she is visiting Uncle Andy and it will take some time. I just had the rest of my coffee, cold and ate a peanut butter raisin toast sandwich. MM is watching School House Rock.

Every time i think of something that causes me stress, my eczema itches. That tells me something. There has been some tension at work and that makes it more interesting and makes me itch. There is work to do for church... itch. Then there is my disaster of a house and my husband is not here right now.... itch.

I was sure to put on socks immediately this morning to stave off the swelling and I will be doubling the water today. Read about the "water cure" last night and it is an interesting concept of drinking half of your weight in ounces... for me, right now that is about 125-130 ounces a day. Sad but true. i got on the scale at the doc's office and it was at 263... they did a minor freak out and said that was too much... No kidding, check out my ankles I had pizza and it is 80 degrees out. Of course i am retaining water. i tried to avoid salt today and I couldn't take it... my body was CRAVING IT. Salt and vineagar potato chips never will taste as good as they did yesterday. When i came home from Costco I drank a liter of water before bed and another liter through the night. Come morning, they were not completely down, but better. So more water today to help with that situation. The socks also help keep the fluid from pooling in my feet and allow me to put on shoes. kind of necessary.

The wall just hit for me... not a lot of sleep and being up early... and I am tired already. i tried to lay down but MM is too exuberant this morning and it is irritating. Not her fault, but it is stressful... itch itch itch.

So there you go. I will try to post on my progress later.

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