Monday, May 24, 2010


well my back hurts... and I am not sure if it from the too much salt and not enough water thing... I can't tell, but my legs are swollen. There is some tightening in my belly but that could be from the lack of water; BH contractions are brought on by that...

Still would like to hold out for June, but as someone said today... I have no control over that.

So I am working on my thank yous for the shower and from people who gave me lovely gifts at work... I do dearly love them all.

The cat is sitting on me here at the table, waiting for me to go to bed... I am almost there. I have been really tired today and someplace horizontal would be nice. I did get my work done, so I feel more caught up. Would like to get to work closer to 8 tomorrow... we'll see what happens... at this point, I just want to finish stuff up. feel like I would like to call it after this week and not have to go next week, but something tell me to hold off on that given what MM was like... again, not my call.

Another couple of spots of eczema... itch...

Looking to put my feet up... maybe some cold compresses to bring down the swelling.... they hurt and it is hard to flex the feet. I will see if the upload of water will help the situation... I guess red sauce for dinner was not the smartest thing to do, but heavens it was tasty.

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