Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow day

When you think about snow days, you think about staying home from school, not having to go anywhere or do anything. The quiet solitude is a beautiful thing that makes for introspection.

Except when there is a 3 year old that will NOT STOP TALKING.


Now that she is in bed for her nap, I can relax... frst time since 5:30 this morning. My husband will disappear for awhile upstairs and this morning he stayed in bed until 7am. I was jealous. I usually wake up once or twice during the night. 3:30 there was no snow on the ground. 5:30, there finally was a dusting. Then, as we finally put the Christmas decorations away it started to snow heavily. And it hasn't stopped. The tracks from this morning are covered.

After breakfast, I dressed, went outside and put up suet, filled the finch feeder and refilled the regular bird feeder. I also put some on the ground. I think they got most of the seed prior to the snow hitting it and covering it up. Now the birds are a stark contrast to the white, hopping around on the ground, looking for items that have fallen, hanging upside down to get at the sock of finch food. I counted as many as 8 on the sock. I just put these up in January. I had them last winter and I got away from it as summer and fall stretched into winter. But when the snow fell in December, I started thinking that they needed to have somewhere to eat. So I went and purchased a new finch sock, and a new feeder. I also put new holders up to help me fill them quicker and easier.

The wind is picking up and blowing snow. This will make life interesting.

I cleaned off my car and had to move about the last time we had a good 10 inches of snow in December of 09. With the all wheel drive, I am more confident, but not cocky about traversing in the snow. Granted my gas mileage is terrible, but I am ok trading that off for that option. Especially when I am traveling to Ohio and the odd time I need it here in Virginia.

I think after I finish here I will relax for awhile and do one more project before the girl wakes up.

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