Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cravings and exercise

I just wish i would crave exercise. i made a commitment to walk the monument avenue 10K. I am going to sign up for the Race for the Cure as well. Why do this when I am not so active and expecting a child? Where was my head?

Well, it will be the the 4th year for the RFTC and my 3rd year for the 10K. I really do not want to miss it. So I am looking at my options and I say, you know... it would be a good idea to exercise. It would only help me with my muscles. it would be a good thing. Less fat on my body means more room for the other stuff, like baby and all those squished organs. will I be running? no. Walking? yes. So I am making the commitment to do this. have I started? No. i wanted to work with the Wii fit and do the step stuff and then progress to the treadmill. As it gets warmer, I will walk outside.

the cravings I have are for salty things. Last night it was ramen noodles. most of the time it is salt and vineagar potato chips. I try not to pig out on those things and just keep them to a minimum if possible. The milkshake craving happened with MM but not with this one. it goes in stages too.

Time to get ready for work. Taking Mm to the dentist today.

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