Thursday, January 28, 2010


I seem to attach to a doctor and like them... probably far more than I should. I trust them... and I saw a doc yesterday that I didn't trust, didn't like and would prefer never to cross their path again. This one was part of an advanced team because I am labled "high risk" due my age and some chemical analysis that i am not privvy to. And if there is one thing I do not like, it is being annoyed by someone who thinks I am not smart enough to understand. i have had other doctors that I like and respect. But more and more, I look at some of the things and I say, I do not like that. I do not like how I am treated. Now, that doesn't change my risk factors. But tell me the other options, and give me the information. I can research and figure it out. I am not and average ordinary pregnant woman. I am not average or ordinary when I am not pregnant.

There have been 2 doctors in my time here in Richmond that I prefer never to see again. Sometimes I do not have that option... they just happen to be on call or something. But the last time I was physically in this woman's presence (3 years ago) I was not feeling friendly or scared. She annoyed me, she made me angry, she literally stopped my labor. I had been progressing along nicely until she came along. I then had to deal with her on the phone as well during this time. And she was not nice. I won't work with her again. i really could care less if she were the last doctor in Richmond. There is no way I would let her near me.

The person I saw yesterday, maybe. One meeting... I shouldn't project. But I was... annoyed. Not uncomfortable, but annoyed. I will end up seeing him again eventually, but if I don't have to, if I have a choice... no thanks.

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