Friday, January 8, 2010

The end of Christmas

Epiphany was on January 6th, and I always wait until after Epiphany to take down my decorations. his year, I am sad to take them down, probably because it took me so long to get them up and I feel like I didn't get a chance to enjoy them. But when I went to "put out" the decorations that I has, I realized this house is just not big enough for my decorations. i want ot be able to put them in all areas, and unfortunately, that is not the case. And when you have a husband who worked in retail for 15+ years, he has no desire to decorate or listen to Christmas music at all. Makes for a lot of solo work. MM is getting to an age where she will be able to help... next Christmas. But it seems like a lot of work and no one enjoys it but me. Well, it did not feel like anyone shared the joy with me.

It was an odd Christmas and I am kind of glad it is over and we will see what this new year brings. But the good news is that I am working on the storage unit and getting totes and boxes OUT OF THE HOUSE and into the storage unit located about 2 miles from here. With any luck and a lot of work, we can clear out some of these things while we look for a new home and prep to sell this home. Am I ready to part with some of them? Yes. Right now? Possibly. But I feel like I want to get some new place and then start purging once I figure out space requirements. i have some silver that has been given to me. I have no desire to get rid of it at all. But I need to find some place to put it.

The one things I have more of than other things is a collection of ugly green pottery. I have tried to put it to use, but someof it is just. there. I have some attachment to it. But not a whole lot. I like some of it, Others I think I will sell if possible. martini glasses? I can't drink much anymore, but I would like to host a party and make some martinis for my guests. Lots of wine glasses. champagnes flutes from our wedding. gorgeous goblets from my first wedding. I get to wrap and pack all these items away. Will I ever bring them out again? We'll see.

I guess just like the seasons change and the world rolls and fluctuates we all have our time to wax and wane though items, through friendships. Here's hoping this go round the sun this year is smoother and not as exciting as the last. Yes, please, I would like a boring year. Thanks.

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