Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Interesting thing it is... as a mom, i have to deal with poop all the time. As a mom to be, I know that there will be more in my future. So now I have a 3 year old who is potty trained on the water side, but when it comes to solid waste we are firmly in the dark ages. Last night we had an incident where we were in the tub and she went and tried to pick it up and put it in the potty... but she had been eating a lot of fruit, so OK enough visual. The fact of the matter is she was very upset and my husband went in and made her more upset. I tried to explain to him that we really cannot get upset about this and it is a learning process. So i had to calm her down and scrub her from head to toe. And sanitize the baby... etc. etc. etc.

So by the time I finish cleaning and sanitizing stuff... she had calmed down enough and we had some quiet time. Then she went to bed and woke up around 11 or so crying. I walked in the room and I immediately could smell it. She had a runny diaper and boy was THAT fun to clean. I set her on the changing table... she's half asleep and crying, and I am scrubbing her bottom. So this morning, she sleeps in late and now... what do I smell? yes... and it looks as if I will be staying home with her today, the 2nd work day of the year.... ugh. I mentally shrug... it is just poop, hopefully not from a virus, but from too much fruit and possibly citrus.

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