Saturday, January 2, 2010

A resolution

i resolve to exercise at least 15 minutes a day. it would be really nice to exercise and I want to waddle in the Monument ave 10k, and i will not be able to do that unless I start exercising. I am sure the baby won't mind.

It will take me forever to finish, but that is ok. This will be my third year and although I will definitely not beat my last year's time, as long as I am in it to finish I will be fine. Maybe I will even dress up this year. Something funny.

I want to listen to more music, so I started some playlist on Windows media. I will have to get them transferred over to the MP3 because the wee sing is driving me nuts. Right now it is a Buffett mix. I am enjoing it. I miss listening to music.

I have gadget envy. My hubby got the ipod touch and a blackberry for work. Jealous. :)

i will get over it.

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