Monday, September 6, 2010


14 years since my first husband died. it was a lifetime ago because it seems like another life.

Michael was a dear sweet man and I loved him. He is still with me and I think about him from time to time. Sometimes I wonder what our life would be like had that cancer not happened. I do not think about it too often because truly that is living in the past. It was another lifetime. I had to leave Indiana and move away to stop being a widow at 24.

Your life moves in odd directions for odd reasons. The tiniest chance makes the difference.

When I look at my children today, children that have nothing to do with Michael... they are my life as it stands today. I should be grateful for their smiles and giggles. I am glad they are part of my life. My husband too.

But today I think about Michael. Today my brain roams in the past. Today I wonder.

Tomorrow is something else altogether.

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