Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Muffin top

This morning and yesterday morning, I had a muffin for breakfast along with two egg whites. It's Wednesday meaning that I could have had a Belgian Waffle in the cafeteria, but I yoinked the last oat bran muffin and squirreled it upstairs. Other days I eat eggs and potatoes, but I have trying to trend towards more healthy eating. I also recognize that if I want to take advantage of the calorie consumption that rolls parallel with lactation, I really need to watch the extra 500 calories I have been ingesting daily. Last night I had the pleasure of eating Breuster's strawberry ice cream and it was tart and fabulous. I covered it with butterscotch caramel and went looking for almonds to top it. Sliced toasted almonds from trader joe's in the cupboard. I pulled the bag down and saw 4 moths coming out of the cupboard. damn. Millet moths, I think they are called. I looked closely at my almond... there was a moth in the bag, tell tale webbing and to make it even more gross, a larvae... bleck. My ice cream was melting and I had nothing to top it. mmm chocolate chips... closed with a nice tight seal. I popped open the seal and on the seal... another larvae. It's a good thing I have a strong stomach. Inspected inside the bag and they had not infiltrated my mini chocolate chips. Ha! I dumped some on the ice cream, swatted the last moths with a swatter and went to enjoy fabulous ice cream, drippy with caramel and resplendent in chocolate.

So this morning, as yesterday, I ate the muffin from the bottom up. I love muffin tops. I bought a muffin top pan, but it is gone now, I had it for awhile, but the muffin tops were just not the same. You need that large apparatus on the bottom to make the top a true crowning glory. It is a good 400 calorie muffin with lots of fat sugar and the redeeming quality of fiber. I love saving the muffin top until last, enjoying the crunch of caramelized sugar.

I am deflecting. I know I need to clean out the whole damn cupboard, check for larvae on every nook and cranny. I know I need to clean the kitchen and all the bottles next to the sink for pumping and for Em. I know I need to start saving for a new heat pump, for the repairs on the house and the other million little things. I vegetated last night in front of the TV instead of working on the stuff for church, or the house or the finances. I feel guilty about that, know that the work is piling up. But I am taking a moment. Maybe a few moments... so I do not go insane. I am enjoying my muffin top, savoring the sweetness. I am enjoying moments in my life and trying not to let them pass me by in my quest for the house to be clean, work to be done, and things that have to be done. I am enjoying my muffin top. I am enjoying my life in its small sweet bites.

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