Monday, April 19, 2010

Another walk and other blathering

it was about 1.2 miles and I did OK. it was definitely a stroll around Bryan Park. Beautiful flowers. I took pictures.

I really need to start walking every day. more so than I am now. it is as if it is in fits and starts. The worry is that a longer walk could bring on pre term labor symptoms. But i think as long as I do one or 2 miles I can stand 3.1 miles. I just need to be aware of the difference in how I walk... or waddle. luckily she is up very high so as long as I can get the kinks out, I don't waddle as much. but as the hips start spreading in these last 6-7 weeks it will be interest to see how it rolls. May 8th is the day and I look forward to doing the walk. I am not due for another 4 weeks after that. Doc said as long as it is not too hot.

Working on keeping my hydration levels up as well. very important, especially to keep plenty of amniotic fluid and give the girl plenty of room. Really hoping that my appointment on Thursday will go well. I look forward to it.

Now just focusing on eating well. not doing so hot of late. not enough greens. more sugar than normal... but it is what i am craving.

cravings... that's anothe story for another blog.

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