Monday, February 8, 2010

Exercise and not

So I shoveled snow this weekend. At home and at church. I think I can count it as exercise. I am not fooling myself. i know I need to find the time to walk and be healthy. I am glad it is getting lighter each night. But the days are creeping up for the 10k and I am determined to walk it. So I need to plan and to exercise.

My health needs are to eat well, rest, exercise and drink lots of fluids. It is unfortunate that one of my favorite foods during this time of gestation has been ramen noodles. I have managed to quell it at times, but then I had it with some organic veg the other day and it was so good. My favorite is to get them all noodly and stringy and slurp them, but that would not be good. And yet, the rice noodles in the bowls at the vietnamese restaurants do not excite me. Ramen. yum.

The other one is ice cream. I love ice cream. It is a great thing. Especially Ben and Jerry's. But I do not eat the whole pint. I eat usually a serving. Sometimes it is just a spoonful or two. I just had heath bar crunch. Now i have cherry garcia, peach cobbler, and oatmeal cookie chunk. I was looking for chunky monkey and more heath bar. i do not think I would want to make it, i just want to eat it.

Now I need to get my items into my planner. I really understand the helpfulness of having it in one place and perhaps I will try that next year. I have a weekly planner and I have to try and use it. i wish I could find things I am missing. The table is a mess and I need to work on that. I guess that will be my project once I finish this here. Actually, I just want to go back to bed. Went to bed at 10:30 and awoke at 3 at 4 and at 5. I think I need a nap.

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