Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Bits

I have spent virtually 2 weeks away from home. I was in Ohio, attending an engagement party for my sister who after 45 years on the planet, has found someone. I also attended my 20th high school reunion... and forget to say hi to Matt Spellman. I think I met up with everyone but him. Maybe in the next 20 years. 10 days in Ohio with my parents. I love my parents.

As a result, my thoughts on exercise and diet have been on hiatus since then. The balance of the time has been spent at church feeding people for Vacation Bible School. Our church does an evening variety with dinner in the beginning. Next year I am going to focus on sustainable food and not go with what is convenient. I want to try a couple of new things that I will have to test on my family this coming year.

One of the things that I am going to do is get away from the convenience. Prepacked, presauced, scary stuff with astronomical caloric indices. There are at least 4 of them in the freezer. We will eat them, because I do not want to waste food, but I will not buy them again. Yes they are convenient. But they are really bad for us. So no more.

My mother said I need to clean off the top of the refrigerator. That is where our snacks are. She is right. There is too much stuff up there. I will get it cleaned off and get the "snacks" away from our family. Will I throw it away? Probably not. But I will get rid of old things and not buy new ones. My daughter loves fruit snacks. I am working on going for the fruit leather and not the small packs endorsed with characters that entice her. We will go through what we have. No more. Can I actually stop buying them? At this point I have enough to last another 3 months. I think so.

My baby belly is not going to go away on its own. I feel the deep need to exercise core muscles that will pull in that belly. But my bigger concern is my husband's belly. It is too big. I really want to measure it and start him (and myself) on a path of better eating. Perhaps I can get him to work with me on that. He is on meds for HBP and I want him to be off of that medicine. I have a feeling he could if he lost the weight. Perhaps I should stop making cookies that he will vaporize as well and wash the cookie jar and hide it back under the counter until fall.

So I have to work on a plan for the both of us. Most would say throw out the crappy food and start fresh. Nah. We will ease into this and get it done. Right now I have visions of Cinnabon dancing in my head. Cinnabon. Evil crap. I can make good cinnamon rolls but for some reason it sticks in my head. I love those cinnamon bites from the pretzel store in the mall. Greasy evil crap. Worst thing for you, white flour, sugar, grease.... and the tastiest thing under the sun. I am trying to separate the taste from the obvious badness that it is. Obviously I am not doing a good job with visions of dripping cinnamon. *sigh*

Breastfeeding makes me hungry. I am trying to get my body to harvest calories from itself, but I still have to ingest some. The trick is not to give in to the dripping Dali-like rolls and instead find something that might be healthy.

We have to go to the store today, then to a barbecue. I want to bring brownie bites and some cookies. Would love to make something but nothing will hold up in the heat today. So we will get our shopping done and roll over later to the 'burg and make it happen.

Perhaps I am a little off with the 5 hours of sleep, but it was 5 continuous hours. I finally got the girl to sleep after 3 solid hours of trying to feed her, change her diaper and rocking incessantly. I was tired and very very cranky.

Speaking of the girl, the youngest, she is awake and it is time to roll.

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