Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our sump pump as been going non stop for 3 days. We got a lot of rain, but not that much. Even then, the pump would cycle on and off. Well. I was getting very grumpy last night and said to my husband, just shut off the darn breaker. We couldn't find the breaker that shut it off (This was 1 in the morning, mind you). I asked him to try the main house breaker and that worked. We couldn't go through the night with out electricity so we flipped it back on and the sump rattled on again. While I was at church, he tested all the breakers, because you may miss something at one in the morning. None of them turned it off. Conclusion, pulled from the main line into the house.

Finally, my husband, C, had had enough. He donned a tyvek suit and crawled under the house. The line was tacked up to the underside of the floor, there was a j box and an outlet. There was the sump, plugged in with a cheater ground. So it was unplugged.

What kind of idiot:
  • doesn't run the item through a breaker for safety purposes and ease of repair.
  • hooks up a J box and an outlet for a piece of equipment that pumps water and uses a cheater grounding plug.
  • puts a sump pump in where it cannot be reached?

While I shake my head at this mastery of crap that is this new found item in our "house of wonders/horrors" it makes me wonder what kind of mental midget lived here before we did. I will not buy another house like I did in the past, with blinders on and not seeing this type of stuff. My eyes are OPENED. There a lot of things like that in this house and I wonder how the heck are we going to repair the damage of the screw ups and sell it to get our money back out of the house. *sigh*

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