Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh my

I suck for not blogging on a regular basis. Too much stress in my life I guess. I started to eat better in the hopes of losing weight, but I seem to be too tired to exercise or think.

I just remembered that I have to work on something for work and I really really really do not have the presence of mind to do it. I hope we get a snow day just like the kids.... if we get the freezing rain, we may be lucky.

When I looked and realized that the last time I blogged was over two months ago.... that is a bad trend. Most of the time I barely have time for me; too busy with being mommy and president and wife and worker. It was nice to be me the other night at a friend's party. But I found myself with people unlike me... a lot of them did not have kids, or were older. But I could still make decent conversation, fueled by a couple glasses of a fabulous red wine.

I realized that I have no friends outside of work and my place of worship and it is difficult to catch up with people and make the connections... facebook helps but it seems so impersonal compared to having dinner or coffee. I miss some of the people I used to know and it is hard to find some things to talk about sometimes.

I can tell I am not happy with where and what direction my life is going. The question is, what do I do about it? What different choices should I make. What goals and plans do I have? How do you stop and reverse a trend that seems to have a life of its own?

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