Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have been slothing around facebook, not exercising, not doing much of anything except watching MM grow. That in itself is edifying and I wish my temper were not so short. It just is sometimes. But the best part is that I haven't pigged out on food and I am losing a pound or two by not going crazy with the calories. I have my days.

I loaded my gym bag into the car... and i think about even just one day if I could get away from work or from home for an hour and a half to get in a decent workout...

My elbow is in regular pain now... just pain from typing and using the mouse. I did a cortisone shot and it worked immediately and wore off very quickly this time... it wasn't even 2 months.

My hips, the outer edges, have been aching... not where they meet at the femur, but up at the top... they ache.

My back has been ok but i had a brief episode yesterday.

I know that these would be eased if I were able to release some natural endorphines.

So I keep looking at my gym bag in the car... wondering if I will make it a priority in my life. If I can keep the eating under control, ad I start to exercise things will start to happen.

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